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Insomnia Honolulu – Sleep Apnea Honolulu

If you have arrived at our website after searching terms such as “Insomnia Honolulu” and “Sleep Apnea Honolulu,” you are likely struggling with sleep. What many people don’t realize is that airway issues, including sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea, are often best addressed by a dentist who is trained in a special kind of dentistry that focuses on correcting airway and oral issues. Airway Focused Dentistry can provide solutions that can correct your breathing and restore your health, giving you back a good night’s sleep.

Healthy breathing day and night is an incredibly important component of Dr. Gary T. Umeda’s overall wellness concept. Possibly nothing is as important to your health and well-being as proper breathing and a good night’s sleep. Dr. Umeda has extensive training in the screening, diagnosis, and management of SDB (Sleep disordered breathing). As a graduate of the “Airway Focused Mini-Residency,” Dr. Umeda offers comprehensive risk assessments and evaluations to first attain a diagnosis for you. From there, many treatment options are explored, including use of the Vivos System, a treatment that addresses the underlying condition and not just the symptoms. Dr. Umeda is also an ambassador with The Breathe Institute.

We encourage you to review our page on Airway Focused Dentistry which provides more details about SBD signs and symptoms and airway focused dentistry solutions. If the information on this page resonates with you, please call our office to schedule an appointment and begin your journey toward better health.

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